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Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot is up! Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot is up!

Nintendo announced the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot in today's Nintendo Direct, and sure enough, it's already online! You can vote for one character to join Smash, between now and October 15th.

Hey, I know we all love our retro games here, so I figured somebody could help with NCASLOWORK2's question. Plus, Tie Fighter and X-Wing deserve to be played.

GIF Club: The Swingingest Club On The Internet GIF Club: The Swingingest Club On The Internet

OK, I'm really missing the GIF club threads, so I'm taking it upon myself to restart them.

Super Mario Crossover 3.0 is out! Super Mario Crossover 3.0 is out!

The new version of Super Mario Crossover was released late yesterday. New to this version are altered "Easy mode" and "Hard mode" maps, as well as an entirely new map set — Super Mario Bros. Special, which was only previously released for two very old and obscure computer systems. There are also a variety of new…


Seriously, guys. this is the best/worst movie I've seen all year. I need more.

So, it turns out the OUYA will have exclusives...

...or rather, at least one exclusive. Penny Arcade Report gives a preview of Tower Fall, which they describe as a "Smash Bros.-style take on archery". Looks intriguing.

So, it's Wrestlemania weekend!

Who's watching Mania on Sunday? Anybody going to be there? Anybody going to watch any of the indie shows surrounding it? Personally, I'm catching that Kaiju Big Battel show tonight, just because it looks so... interesting.


Apropos of nothing, but I don't get how Colt Cabana isn't a bigger name.

Just a quick heads-up: The Ouya is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

In reply to the question on the main page, breakfast pizza is awesome. I've been known to make my own pizza specifically for breakfast, using a pre-made crust (because it's impossible for me to summon the effort to make the dough from scratch first thing in the morning), a little cheddar thrown into the standard…

The Pro Wrestling X Kickstarter is 50 hours out, and still needs $55,000 dollars. Which kind of bums me out. I've been following this project for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, and I definitely want to see this game get made; it fills a niche that has been neglected for a very, very long time on this side of…

There's a project I've been following for a long time, called Pro Wrestling X. Basically, they're trying to make a wrestling game on PC that rivals some of the best of the genre. They've had a Kickstarter going, and they just announced a new award that sounds just plain awesome: if you contribute at least $50, you…

It's funny because it's true.

So, the fact that Vita is going nowhere fast has been making the rounds of the news sites, so I think it's time to play...

You know, the closure of City of Heroes has affected me in a way I didn't really think it would, considering I haven't played it in ages. And I think the reason for that is, it was my first MMO, and I really put a lot of effort into the characters I made for it, creating unique looks, gimmicks, and back stories for…

Biggest news out of PAX: Next year's PAX Prime is 4 days long. Aww yeah.

AndroidPolice has a new Android game roundup posted:

Crossposting this here and on #observationdeck because I really want to see this on the main page:

Looks like Ouya has just landed their first major publisher: Square Enix. Final Fantasy III will be a launch title, with new HD graphics and, in keeping with Ouya's "free gaming" model, will have a free demo available.

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