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Spring is in the Air Spring is in the Air

And with it neighbors coming out of the woodwork to ask if they can borrow tools and/or if I can help them change their oil the minute I pull the jack into the driveway.

Work Can Suck It Work Can Suck It

There’s 11” of new powder that I’d be staring at out my office window if I went in. I’ll be here instead.

I Am A Traffic Cone With Skis (Updated with More Orangeness) I Am A Traffic Cone With Skis (Updated with More Orangeness)

Got a new shell. PSA: The North Face’s “Persian Orange” is very very very orange. Anyway, it’s a Ceptor 3-layer shell. Pretty minimalist but good construction. Has stretchy thumb loops that I’m a big fan of and folds into its hood for storage which is neat. That’s about it for features really. I’m 6’1” 160 lb.…

Much Better Much Better

Couldn’t deal with the brand new plate on a filthy car so I gave it a quick wash. Not great but it looks OK from 10 feet. And way less silly.

Chile Plate Acquired Chile Plate Acquired

Next up I need a wash...

Stay Safe Oppo Stay Safe Oppo

Buddy laid down his bike on the way into work this morning. Fortunately he was wearing all his gear and is OK - only a little bruise on his knee and a big bruise on his ego. Swerved to miss a pothole and hit a patch of black ice. I got there after my other friend in the F150 and helped load the bike up. Only…

Beautiful Bluebird Day on The Beginner Slope Beautiful Bluebird Day on The Beginner Slope

Took my 9 year old yesterday. First time without an instructor. We had 10" the night before and the sun was out all day so it was a perfect day for learning. This was her 4th day ever and 2nd riding a chair lift. We stuck to the 270' beginner lift (just $24 for me!) that services 3 greens and 1 short blue run. By the…

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Down On The Ski Hill.

President's Day Powder Day President's Day Powder Day

(This is my first post here - big thanks to Highlander-MT for the authorship! Sorry if it is kinda scatterbrained.) Pajarito is typically closed on Mondays, but they open for Presidents’ Day. Since I had the day off, I planned early in the week to go today instead of my usual Saturday/Sunday. Turned out to be a good…

RIP Wallet.  And Chances of Getting a Fun Car Anytime Soon. RIP Wallet.  And Chances of Getting a Fun Car Anytime Soon.

Both kids had their third lesson of the season today (and ever) today, are riding chair lifts, and totally enjoying it. Looks like I’m in for many years of buying gear and passes. But it’s tons of fun out there with them. So... can someone grant me PowderForward authorship please?


This dude out winning at winter in an FJ55.

An Reminder Goldeneye is on Prime An Reminder Goldeneye is on Prime

Even if you hate the rest of the film it’s worth watching the chase scene if you have a Prime membership. 

Es Tiempo Es Tiempo

My kids are driving me nuts so I’m mixing Grand margs. Whatcha got on this fine Friday, Oppo?

How Many Skittles? How Many Skittles?

It’s my daughter’s turn for the 3rd grade estimate jar this week. We counted out a full 54 oz. jar of Skittles. (We may have eaten a few.) What’s Oppo’s guess at the total?

One Of Us One Of Us

Diesel manual wagon for sale on CL! Wait - weren’t TDI wagons all autos in the US? “...had its automatic transmission fail, I installed a 6 speed European Passat TDI transmission...” Why sell then? “ that I can complete my Audi Allroad TDI conversion project.” I’m half-tempted to send a message asking them to…


Down on the ski hill. 3-door hatch with AWD, a roof rack and rusting steelies... I’m in love. 

Redneck Wagon Club Redneck Wagon Club

Wherein everyone throws their dead Christmas tree on their Subaru and drives up into the National Forest for a bonfire.  The collapsible roof rack is still one of my favorite features of this car 5+ years after buying it. 

Wake and Convect Wake and Convect

Early bird gets the cookie! I’ve had to relearn how to do a lot of things since moving 650 to 7,300 ft. Like simply how to breath. Baking, however, has been particularly challenging. But - I think have finally succeeded in my quest for the perfect high-altitude chocolate chip cookie!

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