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Engine Oil Diluted With Fuel (the facts for 2018) Engine Oil Diluted With Fuel (the facts for 2018)

Basically, fuel, petrol (gasoline) is to lubrication what Idi Amin was to humanitarianism. The function of oil is to maintain a tough, thin, slippery film between the critical metal interfaces in your engine - on the bores, in the bearings, the cam lobes and valve guides, the timing chain - all the expensive stuff…

Reggie Watts - Panama (cover)

this is the best cover of Van Halen’s Panama

Knights of Ni Knights of Ni

King Arthur: O Knights of Ni, we have brought you your shrubbery. May we go now? Head Knight: That is a good shrubbery. I like the laurels particularly. But there is one small problem. King Arthur: What is that? Head Knight: We are now no longer the Knights Who Say Ni. Random Knight: Ni! Head Knight: [to Random Knight]…

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