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Why Does Fox Hate Science Fiction?

Oh god. Here it comes again. Almost Human, a show that had a fantastic premise but a deeply flawed implementation, has been cancelled. Since the show was on the Fox network, it is yet another data point proving that Fox has some sort of strange vendetta agaisnt the genre of Science Fiction.

In Defense of Voting McAuliffe

Once again, when the choice is homophobic misogynistic anti-science culture warrior vs sleazebag...count me on Team Sleazebag every day and twice on Sunday.

Are We Doing Television Wrong?

I don't watch Breaking Bad. I saw the pilot episode, I loved the pilot episode, but for the first two seasons of the show I didn't have AMC on my cable package, and by the time I did it made more sense to wait for it to all wrap up so I wouldn't have to deal with the most infamous feature of the show.