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Sir Henry Cooper Sir Henry Cooper

I met Sir Henry Cooper just the once. It was at a function marking a significant anniversary for Soldier magazine. I mentioned that my father covered his bouts back at the Elephant & Castle before he became a national icon. Probably didn’t use that phrase. Anyway, he promptly told me which newspaper my dad had been…

Charnock wins Clarke prize Charnock wins Clarke prize

The Arthur C Clarke Award for 2018 has been won by Anne Charnock for her novel Dreams Before The Start Of Time. The tale depicts a world where artificial wombs are the preferred choice of gestating babies.

Infinite Monkey Box Infinite Monkey Box

Earlier I had one of those weird fidget moments when I pressed the wrong button on the remote, changed channel, and, hang on - that’s The Infinite Monkey Cage. Radio 4's hit science panel show. On TV! And it’s extended.

There are 79 moons orbiting Jupiter (for now) There are 79 moons orbiting Jupiter (for now)

Gas giant Jupiter has 79 known moons in orbit. An additional 12 have been added to the previous tally. One of the new moons, Valetudo, a kilometer, in size has an orbit that will eventually bring it into collision with retrograde outer moons. No time soon though - but any space crash will be visible from Earth.

That girl's Who? That girl's Who?

Half time, if you were watching on BBC One, Gary Linekar broke from an explanation of handball rules to tell a knock-knock joke. Alan Shearer gamely played along. Which was the cue for a sparkly trailer.

Celebrating the heritage of slate Celebrating the heritage of slate

Our county council recently launched a bid to have the local slate landscape and industrial remnants recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the words of one Gwynedd politician at Llanberis “It is as important as the pyramids of Egypt.” A few folk might share that view in bendigedig Blaenau.

How old is this post box? (Give or take 16 years) How old is this post box? (Give or take 16 years)

Yes it is a postbox, or mail box if you prefer. You stick letters in there and the Postie collects them for delivery. Make sure you put the right stamps on or they’ll charge the recipient. The sign on the front tells you when they collect and the little metal plate above the slot gives and indication as to whether…

If you go down to the woods today, don't expect to build a bear If you go down to the woods today, don't expect to build a bear

Well that was a big surprise. Folks were getting irate about the pending arrival of something big, orange and flabby, but that wasn’t the only thing to get us Brits revolting.

Death of The Master Death of The Master

William Hughes who played The Master as an eight-year-old has died. He was aged 20 and had developed a reputation as a talented amateur boxer.

Hedgehog of the Day

There is a popular campaign to have the hedgehog adopted as Britain’s national animal. Mrs Tiggywinkle would be proud. The spiky critters have been having a rough time in recent years, those human things keep building on their habitat.

Burning owls Burning owls

Here’s a hot hooters video that’s rather snazzy.

Man cuts fingernails after 66 years Man cuts fingernails after 66 years

As manicures go this seems a little overdue. Shridhar Chillal from Pune, India, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails ever recorded on a single hand, finally cut his nails.

How would you burn the Earth today? How would you burn the Earth today?

Heat plays a crucial role in a movie that caught my attention at an early age. It seemed to be on telly regularly at point and offered a restrained tale of mankind’s folly that dangled an uncertain future in front of the audience.

The copper with the gentle touch The copper with the gentle touch

There’s a rerun of The Gentle Touch currently airing on archive channel Talking Pictures TV. It’s an Eighties ITV show, specifically London Weekend Television, shot on video, which regularly pulled in 18 million viewers in a Friday night slot when originally broadcast. It later shifted to Saturday.

Duck of the Day

Just found a delightful little twitter thing. Daily ducks. And the occasional dog it seems.

The lost world of Cwmorthin The lost world of Cwmorthin

It’s blisteringly hot at present. Which isn’t necessarily our default setting when it comes to weather. Naturally, while we’ve got this scorching sizzle on I decided to go for a ten mile hike beyond the fields we know.

Comics legend Steve Ditko dead at 90 Comics legend Steve Ditko dead at 90

The creative force behind a swathe of comic creations such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange has been found dead, aged 90. He was found unresponsive at his Manhattan flat and declared dead by paramedics.

Something to crow about

Tourists visiting Knaresbrough Castle in North Yorkshire have been greeted by a crow who says “Y’alright love?” in a Yorkshire accent.

Gone fishing

Do you want chips with that?

Auntie Beeb suing Whittaker leakers Auntie Beeb suing Whittaker leakers

Well, we saw that coming. The BBC is taking legal action over leaked footage of Doctor Who elect Jodie Whittaker. They have filed an application with California Federal Court calling on website Tapatal (or Tapetalk in some reports) to release records that will reveal the source of the leak.

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