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Two weeks to go ... Two weeks to go ...

In a fortnight, Jodie Whittaker becomes the fourth Doctor Who to abandon the traditional Saturday night fixture. Only 14 days to go. She is also the second Doctor to have a first episode on a Sunday. And gosh, I’m excited. Didn’t expect that. Just wish they hadn’t borrowed McGann’s “It’s about time” tag.

Who isn't a Doctor? Who isn't a Doctor?

An age ago, when they announced that Jodie Whittaker would be the new face of Doctor Who she promptly appeared on BBC1 in a medical drama called Trust Me. Written by David Sefton it focused on a wronged whistle-blowing Sheffield nurse, Whittaker, who steals a mate’s identity and gets a swanky new job in Edinburgh as a…

Don't look Pie, but Bodyguard is coming to Netflix Don't look Pie, but Bodyguard is coming to Netflix

For the last month around 10 million British television viewers have been glued to the screen by the latest thriller from Jed Mercurio. He’s the chap who previously gave us medical drama Bodies and the explosive police corruption drama Line of Duty. We ignore his side steps into sci-fi.

Eats nuts and shares butts Eats nuts and shares butts

I’ve heard of King Rats before, where an ensemble of rats entwine tails and become a gestalt entity. But now squirrels in Wisconsin are doing the same. Does Squirrel Girl know?

Zienia Merton RIP Zienia Merton RIP

Zienia Merton passed away on Friday, 14th September, aged 72. She began her acting career in 1959 as a 14-year-old shot into space for the Children’s Film Foundation movie serial Masters of Venus. Five years later, she would become the reluctant bride Ping Cho in a seminal Doctor Who serial, Marco Polo. However, you…

Bring it to book Bring it to book

Read the whole thread ...

Time for Dick to reappear? Time for Dick to reappear?

This is a comic character who needs a 21st Century make over. Earlier, I took a peak inside an ancient package that has been sitting around the house. It contained a bundle of Sparky comics from 1969, one of the DC Thomson humour titles which sported Barney the Bulldog on the cover at the time. I had a little walk…

Black Earth Rising Black Earth Rising

Thrillers with a political edge seem to be the in thing on British TV at the moment. We’re half way through Bodyguard which pulled over ten million viewers for its opening salvo. Another blast is due in the form of Black Earth Rising which starts shortly on BBC Two. This is an international thriller about the…

Supreme Commander Servalan dies Supreme Commander Servalan dies

Jacqueline Pearce, best known as arch villain Supreme Commander Servalan has died, aged 74. She had lung cancer.

How does Adam Strange stand up on Krypton? How does Adam Strange stand up on Krypton?

Watching episode three of DC prequel show Krypton on E4 where Adam Strange and Seg are discussing one of Braniac’s probes with Grandpa El Hologram. A niggling thought scratches at the back of my mind.

Grab a Goodie transport of delight Grab a Goodie transport of delight

There is an article in this morning’s Observer revealing that The Goodies faithful Trandem is up for sale. Trandem? It is a three-seater tandem played for laughs by a trio of cult comedians. This is like being able to buy the Batmobile.

Marvel's Marie Severin and Gary Friedrich die Marvel's Marie Severin and Gary Friedrich die

Marvel’s Marie Severin died earlier this week and news is breaking that Gary Friedrich has also passed away.

Harry recasts spell of the boarding school Harry recasts spell of the boarding school

There are people out there who detest Harry Potter with a vengeance. It’s not a dislike of fantasy, magic or boy wizards. JK Rowling has stoked their wrath by resurrecting that hoary old genre - the school story. Specifically those tales set in boarding schools.

White Rabbits White Rabbits

White Rabbits! It’s September! It’s meteorological Autumn. Don’t Fall over just yet.

How the Hogwarts Express saved the steam engine How the Hogwarts Express saved the steam engine

Still haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but back in the day I stood on that King’s Cross platform and caught a train. And somehow I also wound up at that cathedral that doubles as Hogwarts in the movies. Spooky.

For whom the bell tolls For whom the bell tolls

Do you ever get a show, that you really loved as a kid but the idea of revisiting it is scary? You know in your bones it won’t be the same. That’s how I feel about an LWT sitcom, Please Sir! I’m not sure I could watch again.

St Trinian's, St Trinian's, will never die  St Trinian's, St Trinian's, will never die 

Sing along now, the Belles of St Trinian’s are indomitable. Between 1946 and 1952, satirical cartoonist Ronald Searle produced a series of single frame cartoons centered on the viciously surreal world of a bunch of demented public school girls. And the teachers had an air of sadistic detachment to boot.

Castaway in time Castaway in time

Back in 1942, Roy Plomley had a simple idea to structure a musical themed interview for a show on the BBC Forces Programme. Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island? Actually the recordings don’t have to be music but the format served Plomley well. He would go on to present Desert…

Eeek! That ending! Eeek! That ending!

Anyone else watching Stan Lee’s Lucky Man? The third series seems to have found its legs as DI Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt) finds himself on the backfoot as the villainous Samuel Blake (Rupert Penry-Jones) sabotages the magic bracelet and corrupts the mysterious Eve Alexandri (Siena Guillory), the only person who can…

Beware the ides of Mawrth Beware the ides of Mawrth

This Dydd Mawrth drags on. Tuesday morning I had a toad (or a frog) under the recycling bin. No idea where it came from. It was tiny and dark grey, almost matching the pavement and had hopped on to other pastures when I checked back later. Meanwhile, a couple of counties over, a Rhyl lady had a more colourful visitor.…

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