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Know what, lets recap in the morning, i’m wasted...

Why do I pirate things Why do I pirate things

This post is just to explain something: that old TV and film business model is dead.

I went to Auto Bass 2015 and here are some photos. I went to Auto Bass 2015 and here are some photos.

Auto Bass is rather small car event in Riga, Latvija. Unfortunately, I’m an idiot, should’ve brought a camera or at least a phone with full charge. Anyways, here are some pics:

OK, nobody will probably see this, but found it at Diseno-art.com:

Acura NSX burns like a true supercar

This is really a shame. From russian carblog:

Rear engined cars. Lately becomen obsessed with those. And since VW bugs and soviet ZAZ is too common here, Corvair has my attention. And on the topic, can anybody name a desireable one from now with 4 seats? Other than Porsche.

Seat Leon Seat Leon

I'm thinking to buy a 2006 Seat Leon FR 2,0 with manual. Can anybody tell me something about their quality and most common problems? Thanks in advance.